February 28, 2015, I told my first story in front of a live audience and I gotta admit…I LOVED IT!!! I’ve been hooked ever since sharing true tales at storytelling shows and had the opportunity to tell a classic tale, The Nutcracker–with a ChaChanna twist–at the Stamford Chamber of Commerce’s Holiday Party.

“Thank you for gifting the Stamford Chamber of Commerce Members with the Nutcracker story. Our President made a special point to tell me how much he appreciated your tone, style, presentation and story choice. We also heard words of praise from numerous members about your presentation of the Nutcracker that evening. More opportunities will certainly follow…”

Constance Newton
Stamford Chamber of Commerce

The Nutcracker
Holiday Story at Stamford Chamber of Commerce
December 7, 2016

“ChaChanna is a dynamic, engaging storyteller. She was able to seamlessly weave together a traditional story with personal narrative for a fresh perspective on an “old” tale. With subtle pop culture references and a thousand-watt smile, ChaChanna will keep you tuned in even though you know how the story ends — or do you?”

Stacy Spensley 
Certified Holistic Health Coach and Semi Crunchy Mama

Prose of Pie Storytelling Show, September 17, 2016
Theme: What goes up!
Title: My 5k Run

“Great storytelling, it would seem, is a lost art.

Friends, family and anyone within earshot: The lost art of storytelling has been found. ChaChanna Simpson has the power to transport you to another time and place. She reaches in, engages your senses, and takes you on a wild ride.

Five days later, I still remember the story she told at our event. I don’t remember what I had for breakfast, but I remember the details of ChaChanna Simpson’s story. I didn’t simply listen to a story that day. I was changed. I went on a wild and exciting journey, and I never even left my seat.

If you ever have the opportunity to listen to ChaChanna tell a story, DO IT! (I also suggest you buckle up.) You’re welcome. “

 RJ Redden
Maester of Productivity